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Blog / Our journey from understanding the user problem to launching the “Voiset” app.

Our journey from understanding the user problem to launching the “Voiset” app.

Voice messaging: how to make it more enjoyable and efficient?

Nowadays, when we constantly exchange information, our communication preferences are also changing. That is why voice messaging has become integral to our daily lives, saving time and energy, especially when vital information needs to be conveyed.

Almost all popular messengers currently consume the voice messages feature, but many take advantage of various emotions when using it. One finds it convenient to leave a message anytime and anywhere. However, others do not like voice messages in noisy or public gatherings, such as during meetings or group lectures.

Ultimately, voice messaging saves time and energy and becomes available for our communication in the digital world. This feature can increase productivity and help us better use our lives without causing stress and discomfort.

Recent research shows that despite all the benefits of voice messaging, they don’t always enjoy high demand. Sometimes voice assistants don’t get the job done, leading to frustration and stress for users.

However, new methods and approaches make voice messages more efficient. By reviewing recent data and research from Perficient research centers, we have shown how voice messages can be integrated into our lives most optimistically.

So! Here are some of the questions answered by the respondents:

1. In what environments do people use voice commands?

Note that the highest voice command usage rates occur when people are alone or in a less noisy environment. Doesn’t this mean that voice recognition technologies at that time were not yet as strong as they are now?

Of course, we will not consider that there are conditions and circumstances when it is simply not decent to speak out loud — this is obvious. But speaking of the power of speech recognition technologies, users can use them more frequently!

For example, the technology from speechmatics is one of the most advanced technologies in this area. Simply put, it is a meaningful language model (LLM) that uses a pre-selected word to match a previously borrowed sequence. This means that the model can use the context of the speech to represent how we use language on a large scale, what performance is in many parameters, processing power, and the amount of data consumed.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and continue to study the data!

2. The next question was: Which of these apps have you controlled by voice?

In our time, when information flows like water, people increasingly value speed and convenience. Also, the growing concern for the health of the eyes and spine is forcing us to look for new ways to interact with devices. In this regard, voice input is a tool in everyday life and has become even more relevant.

Users have long considered voice as one of the main ways they are present, giving the green ping to new applications and voice recognition technologies. Thus, voice input is already today a technological reality that allows us to use our time more efficiently.

And we will complete our little study with users' answers to this question:

3. Reasons People Like Voice Commands?

Regarding voice commands, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is speed. In fact, a recent survey found that 67% of respondents rated “It’s Fast” as the number one reason they use voice commands. Other important factors, such as accuracy, no typing, and the ability to have the answer read back to them, were all ranked closely, with 50%, 49%, and 47%, respectively.

These findings suggest that users highly value speed and voice commands. With this in mind, it’s clear that voice assistants have enormous potential to save users time and streamline their daily tasks. By improving the speed and accuracy of the technology, we can continue to develop this field and make users worldwide!

. . .

Now let’s talk about the main thing!

Goodbye group chats: How does the “Voiset” app make creating a task with your voice more efficient?

Research shows that voice assistants are becoming more and more popular among users. Our company couldn’t help but notice the potential of this technology, and that’s why we developed the voiset” app — a voice task manager that allows users to create tasks using their voice and spend a few seconds doing it!

Why do we think creating tasks with voice is such a practical idea?

Firstly, it allows users to reduce time organizing their tasks and describing them in various services. Instead of typing or writing tasks in a group chat, users can speak them out loud, and our voice task manager will determine the date and assignee automatically, as well as make sure nothing gets lost; the app saves both the original voice message and text transcript in the task body.

Speed ​​is one of the main factors why people choose to use voice commands. At the same time, accuracy and avoiding typing also play an essential role. All this is possible thanks to the voice recognition technology used in our application. More accurate than other vendors, this technology works effectively with accents, demographics, or background noise, recognizing and transcribing 48 languages ​​spoken by nearly half of the world’s population.

Teamwork? — much more efficient.

If you work in a team, voiset can become your reliable assistant. Your head of the team can easily track the workload of each team member, thereby increasing the efficiency of the overall work. You can also use our application to track the progress of tasks, making the team’s work even more efficient.

But that is not all!

In the Voiset app, you’ll find handy widgets with analytics and reports to help you manage your team’s resources more efficiently. Also, in each task, you will find a chat where users can leave comments and always be aware of updates.

. . .

Desktop version and more functionality.

Our team is currently actively developing the web version of the Voiset app. We propose to keep its ease of use and add advanced functionality to make it even more helpful and efficient for task and project management.

Voiset is a simple yet powerful tool for effective task and team management. It has several advantages over other similar applications, one of which is a convenient subordination system.

Due to the schematic arrangement of employees and their connections among themselves, our users can easily and quickly create a company structure without involving administrators. Now the manager can track each team member reading the efficiency of the overall work.
But that is not all. Our application also has a handy task tracker that allows the user not to keep a notebook and not worry about missing something. All tasks are displayed as a list and can be sorted by parameters such as priority, due date, etc.

. . .

The Voiset app is the perfect solution for those who want to be more productive and integrate their voice assistant into their daily lives.
Our team constantly improves functionality, testing new hypotheses and trying to make your experience positive.
Visit our voiset to learn more and download the app in the IOS or Android markets!

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