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Custom software development

Think “tailor-made suit”. Empower your business with a custom
software solution created especially to meet your requirements with
the finest IT expertise and best development practices in mind.
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Our services to expand your business

Boost your software project with UST expertise injection. Build, scale, and improve various software products with the help of our team.

Software consulting

Learn how to get the best value out of your software products with our experts’ advice. Learn more

Web development

Create exceptional web-based software for a unique web user experience. Learn more

Mobile app development

Build robust apps for iOS and Android platforms or choose cross-platform solutions. Learn more

Site-reliability engineering

Improve your high-load system’s availability and ensure its effortless scalability. Learn more

API as a service

Establish a seamless integration with third-party services for your enterprise software. Learn more

Trustless system development

Develop highly secure and transparent software with blockchain technologies at hand. Learn more

Our process

Each project is unique, and so is our approach. However, we stay true to our fine expertise
and streamlined processes to ensure seamless collaboration on your software product.

Determining the task

We thoroughly gather clients’ requirements and analyze short and long-term business visions to determine the ultimate goal and visualize the future product in a wireframe.


Once the idea is settled, our team puts together a wireframe, applying all our expertise in human-centered design, user journey research, and business demands.


Based on the wireframe, we gather an initial prototype. Feedback is essential: as we move forward, we collaborate with the client’s team to ensure we’re on the same page.


Our experts apply best development practices to create remarkable software products for startups and established tech businesses alike.

Testing and QA

Before the product meets final customers, we provide end-to-end testing to ensure a smooth user experience and implement the final touches.

On-demand support

As the product goes live, we’re always close by, ready to jump on support upon demand immediately.

Custom software vs Packaged software

Some businesses need specific solutions to their tasks. Our custom software is created with your needs in focus rather than common ones.
The ultimate goal of custom software is to ensure the satisfaction of your particular customers. Alter the analytics, features, and functionality as you go.
We architect our custom software to be scalable. No matter where your business pivot, the team can adjust custom software to continue bringing value.

Gain a confident foothold on the market
with bespoke software developed for you

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