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Talent solutions services

People come first. At UST, we help you build the team
you need — for every project, budget, and terms. Empower your team
with the best talents on the IT market and navigate your way
in a fast-paced tech world with a flexible savvy crew at your disposal.
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Power up your tech team on demand:
fast, scalable, and cost-effective

Finding just the right talent for your IT team can be challenging. UST provides you with exceptional
development professionals across the IT spectrum to enable your product potential.

Why we are trusted with talent solutions

Software is the backbone of every company. To create remarkable
solutions you need remarkable people — and UST is here to help
you. With years of experience in the IT market, we work to find the
best performers to contribute to your tech product.

Efficient Agile teams

Our team members follow practices of adaptive planning, cross-functional collaboration, and CI/CD approach to ensure the projects are done on time and in the best way possible.

Various augmentation options

We help our clients find the perfect fit both budget and value-wise, be it a single consultant, a dedicated team, or a fully outsourced T&M model.

Scalable staff solutions

UST helps you build a distributed skillful team. Expand your current crew as much as you need to deliver the final product.

Result-oriented culture

At UST, we strive for champion results. We apply this approach to every aspect, from development and testing to scouting the market to find your diamond IT talent.

Adamant expertise

We know the IT market back and forth. With UST, you can be sure your project gains seasoned allies to bring it to prosperity.

Enrich your product with skilled IT
professionals and benefit from expert
talent solutions delivered by UST

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