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Mobile Control: service for effortless audit

Create an app for easy, swift, and efficient inspections, audits,
and fieldwork.
The app has to run on smartphones and tablets
and have access to business registries and databases
regardless of the inspector’s location.


While developing the app, the UST team made sure the app is connected
to all the required registries and databases to exchange data in real time.

Every piece of data the registry has on the business is available to the
inspector on the ground. All the audit results are saved automatically
into a report and communicated to the database.
Remote access to the database
of clients and partners
Easy access to legal
and fiscal registries
Adapted app for smartphones
and tablets
Comprehensive map with
designated areas and audit points
Coherent simple analytics
and statistics for each user

Our solution

An audit is a lengthy process that usually requires lots of papers,
documents, and data from all sorts of registries. Mobile Control is aimed
to ease all the fieldwork inspection operations, making it faster and more
Inspectors can perform the audit anywhere as long as they have
a connection to the Internet.

Informative maps

All the points that an inspector or mystery buyer has to audit are marked on the map. This allows employees to easily assess the number of inspections due today and plan the route to hit them all.

Access to the database

The app is connected to the database of legal entities, providing all the necessary data to inspectors in real time, regardless of their location. With one tap on the screen, the inspector accesses the name of the entity, its fiscal data, business activity code, and more.

Designated areas

Every inspector has their own designated area to cover. The areas and districts are marked on the map to avoid misunderstanding among employees. The search bar allows one to quickly find a particular address or entity.

Speedy workflow

With remote access to the registries and instant savings, the audit goes much faster right on the spot. All the inspector needs to fill in is on their device’s screen. Once the inspection checklist is covered, the data is automatically communicated to the database.

Straightforward analytics

The personal area includes analytics for each fieldworker and area. Managers can overview how many places for audit are in the designated area, how many the inspector visited in a period of time, and more statistics to evaluate the efficiency of the job done.


Log into the app through
a smartphone or tablet
Open the map and find
your designated area
Choose the facility
to audit and tap it
Inspect the
available legal data
Input your audit results
right there on the spot
Save the changes and move
on to the next point


We created a comprehensive responsive app for iOS and Android.
Mobile Control helped both the inspectors and entities being
inspected to facilitate their collaboration and significantly
decrease the paperwork.

Although this particular app was created for fiscal and
business audits, it also works for mystery buyers, couriers,
and other industries that require fieldwork visiting different
facilities and data gathering for each of the visited sites.