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At UST, we stand for innovative software development, proven processes, and bulletproof expertise. As an established IT consulting and service-providing company, we can promise you — your software projects are in good hands.
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Our IT consulting and development services are based on the T&M model. We provide expertise and skills as long as you need them until the project meets your definition of done.
We collect requirements from our clients to settle on the final goal and lay out an action plan. Our in-depth knowledge of the IT industry allows us to come up with the best solutions on the market.
A flexible approach is our keen feature: we offer as many experts as you need, be it a whole team or a single consultant. You are in control — and we’re here to assist you on each step.
UST team treats your project as its own and works to ensure the prosperity of your business. The collaboration is seamless — you won’t see where your team ends and ours begins.

Our team can help you:

Develop a digital product

Besides consulting services, we offer impeccable development skills. Get any technical assistance your business needs, be it a mobile app or a custom software solution.

Outsource IT services

If you already have a team and you’re looking for a way to empower it for the current task at hand, UST is ready to provide its own experts for outsourcing.

Find an IT specialist

We know the market far and wide. If your team requires an IT specialist who would become a full-fledged employee, we’ll find the perfect match.

What you get with us

Our attitude is always can do — whatever IT problem you bring to the table, we’ll provide an unmatched custom solution.

Top-Notch Expertise

UST teams consist of only the most experienced professionals who work to deliver results.

Powerful Kickstart

We work fast yet precisely, for you to unroll your product with minimum time and budget.

Streamlined Processes

Smooth vetted processes allow us to implement changes and pursue a non-breaking approach.

Guaranteed Result

Agile teams communicate tightly with the client at every stage to ensure you get the product you need.

Empower your business with bulletproof IT expertise and software
solutions by UST: we work for you to grow

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