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Dedicated QA &
testing team

Ensure the impeccable quality of your software
products with a top-notch dedicated QA & testing
team by UST. Benefit from top talents joining your
team in the most cost-efficient way.
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What is a dedicated QA team by our company

A dedicated QA & testing team is a model where UST provides you with
hand-picked QA and testing specialists on a mid or long-term basis. While
those specialists work on your projects, we don’t bother them with any extra
tasks, meaning you have a full-scale consistent QA team at your disposal.
Fully transparent workflowsImpeccable expertiseCommitment to your projectReduced hiring costsSmart scalabilityZero overheads
Fully transparent workflows
Impeccable expertise
Commitment to your project
Reduced hiring costs
Smart scalability
Zero overheads

How a dedicated QA team works

Ensure your product’s quality with a dedicated QA team crafted
by UST. We pick the best specialists to provide you with
qualified QA services and meet your business needs.

You need a dedicated QA & testing team, if:

You have a long-term large-scale project to work on

You have an in-house QA team but need extra help with the project

You don’t have an in-house QA team but you need one, and fast

You have a project but lack the time and resources to carry out the full-cycle hiring process

You need to concentrate on business tasks but also take care of quality assurance

You want to reduce the cost of software testing without compromising on the quality of services

Make sure your software product meets
the highest quality standards — leave
the QA to the UST dedicated QA team

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