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Smart IT outsourcing services

Profit by delegating. Pass any IT task you want to the UST outsourcing services and
focus on strategy and business goals while we take care of the development cycle.
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Optimize current processes and launch new
products with our outsourcing services

Anything can be outsourced: from web design and application
development to infrastructure layout and data center management.
UST offers three outsourcing collaboration models to help you fill
in the resource gap most efficiently.

Staff augmentation

UST provides its best experts to join your in-house team and fill in the talent gaps you might have. They seamlessly integrate with your crew and are managed by the client directly. Learn more

Dedicated teams

Get a fully packed expert team hand-picked by UST. Dedicated teams work collaboratively to carry on your long-term IT initiative with no distractions. Learn more

Full outsourcing

Leave it all to us. UST experts will take care of your projects or specific IT functions with little to no direct supervision — the only thing you need to do is say “yes, that's what I’m looking for”. Learn more

6 signs your company needs IT outsourcing

Outsourcing helps you optimize the quality of your IT operations and reduce costs.
Not sure whether it’s the right fit for you?
Here are 6 signs you might need to consider outsourcing your IT tasks to UST.

You need IT talents fast

Exceptional IT experts are hard and expensive to find, especially on short notice. Outsourcing gives you immediate on-demand access to pre-vetted specialists ready to jump on your task ASAP — with no hiring costs involved.

You grow rapidly

Business benefits from skyrocketing demand and suffers from employees performing multiple roles to keep up. Hiring in-house employees to fill the gap is expensive and time-consuming, and if you don’t have the resources for it — outsourcing is your solution.

You have a complex project on your hands

Sometimes you need a little extra manpower and technical expertise to tackle a tough task. Outsourcing the difficult parts helps implement digital initiatives smoother, faster, and more cost-efficient.

Too much time is spent on IT

Tech is vital but for the business, it’s dangerous to lose focus on the business goals. Outsource the major part of IT operations to reduce the in-house team’s time and effort spent on development. Keep your eyes on the business target, not Jira tickets.

You need a specific position for a specific case

Some projects require rare technical expertise on a temporary basis. Finding and hiring a person specifically for a temporary position is expensive and inefficient. In this case, “renting” an expert from an outsourcing company might be just the right approach.

You are tight on budget

Outsourcing is cheaper than hiring in-house. The cost of scaling is of great importance, especially for small businesses. Delegating software development to outsource experts increases profits and loosens the budget tightrope.

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