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Your team is your greatest power. Find a perfect employee
solution to bring your business to peak success with UST.
Find talents

Optimize your staff approach and
empower your business with top talents

The greatest products are created by powerful teams. UST offers its digital
recruitment services to help you build a top-notch team ready to conquer the market.

IT Outsourcing

Not ready to commit to a full-time in-house hiring process? Rent a specialist or a whole team from UST and delegate your IT tasks to them to test your theory.

Staff consultancy

We know the IT process well. If you feel like your business is struggling, our experts will help you analyze the current staff layout and offer solutions to boost your business productivity.

Team optimization

UST experts can help evaluate and plan out the most optimal methodology and approach for your team to work as efficiently as possible to deliver the results you need.


UST is an expert in identifying, selecting, and recruiting talented IT professionals in every field in digital. Our team is glad to help you find the perfect fit for your team.

How we help
build better teams

Our core goal is to help you optimize your team and lay out an employment strategy
that will lead your business to prosperity. Be it the rearrangement of the current team
or the recruitment of new members, UST experts are here to guide you.


We start with gathering as much data about your project as possible. Goals, processes, budget, requirements, stack, methodology — the more information we get the better we will define your needs.


Based on the initial analysis, we offer our consultancy on the options. Our team knows IT back and forth, so the UST experts help you get a clearer understanding of how to improve efficiency and fill the talent gap in the best manner.

Plan out

Once we settle on a solution, we map out an action plan. Does your case require a new team member? Can we solve your crisis with optimization? Whatever the final decision is, we work it through and get your confirmation on the further steps.


In case you need a recruit, we move on to scouting the market. Most probably the specialist you’re looking for is already in our database, so we run through it first. Then we comb the global market with innovative digital recruitment tools at our disposal.


If your case requires internal changes, we gather our recommendations and do our research on how to help your team become more efficient and enabled. Perhaps, your team is better off with Kanban rather than Scrum?


A new employee is hired, a team is onboarded, and a new methodology is deployed across the teams. UST experts stay close to assist you at any given moment, should you need our further help.

Find top talents and build the team
your business deserves with us

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