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Task Manager that will replace all third-party apps.

Voiset is an innovative task management app with voice dictation capabilities designed to increase productivity and improve collaboration.

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What was our mission?

To create a system - task manager for business and personal use, which will contain all the most necessary functions and features that no other application has yet. The application should be simple and clear, without unnecessary forms and fields for input.

Create a task using a voice

Track each team member's
workload with a smart

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Getting a daily analysis of the
most important metrics of
task completion

Voiset gives a complete
picture of time spent on tasks.

01 Simple Workflow

We've made the app as intuitive as possible, even for those who don't have time to understand complex systems.

Use voice dictation of the task not only in the mobile app but also in the web version to access the details anytime and anywhere.

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02 Workload Tracker

Easy color code allows you to analyze the workload of your colleagues in one glance swiftly and set deadlines according to their existing tasks.

03 Status Checkup

A simple, user-friendly notation that shows the level of all your assigned tasks so you can analyze team workload at a glance and set appropriate due dates for greater productivity.

Every task also has a chat and comments section where colleagues can clarify details and exchange updates.

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04 Analytics

The user can view analytical data, including the number of completed and overdue tasks and the average time to complete a task.

Track your progress to be more efficient in all areas of your life.

Make your work more productive!

Simplicity is the key to efficiency. Many companies in the delivery, real estate, construction, cleaning, landscaping and other industries don't need complex task tracking systems - they need communication. Voiset is a simple system, with all the functionality you need, that makes verbal tasks just as trackable as written tasks.

  • Invite colleagues

    Create workspaces to be effective in all areas of life.

  • Accessibility of colleagues' calendars

    Understand coworkers' workloads right away so you can distribute tasks efficiently.

  • Working with the link task

    Create a task link and send it via messenger or SMS.

Work together with peers, all within a single app.

Learn more about the features and usefulness of our product.

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