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Scale your software development capacity with no
additional administrative costs — hire a seasoned
dedicated development team hand-selected by UST.
Work on your business path while we provide the tech.
Hire best talents

When to hire a dedicated
development team from us

UST provides you with a hand-picked dedicated development team. Every team
member is a highly skilled professional working on your specific project and nothing
else. Here are several cases when a dedicated team might be your perfect solution:

Hire an exceptional dedicated
development team
with us

Our dedicated development team is a full package. Scouted all across
the IT spectrum and hand-selected to meet our high standards,
the specialists we offer are sure to help your business win.

Vetted specialists

We have a remarkable pool of professionals in various fields, and we can vouch for each of them. You can be sure to get the best of the best on your dedicated team.

Fast solutions

Hiring a team through UST is faster than looking for an employee on the market yourself, and helps you scale the team as swiftly as required.

Reduced costs

The recruitment process is costly, the same as employment itself. With UST, you eliminate the infrastructure and hiring costs. Expertise and business value are what you get.

Seamless augmentation

The teams we build are agile and committed to the goal. They treat your product as their own and align the effort with your in-house team. It’s just like having one more team on board!

Focus on business while
our experts creates
the software product you need

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