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VRoomgames: a unique VR
experience from scratch

The challenge - create a unique one-of-a-kind VR experience: a VR shooter
game that would feel absolutely real. It has to be lag-free, incredibly immersive,
and provide the best visual possible.


8 immersive VR shooter games
Full body tracking system andintegration with weapon systems
Free movement around the arena with no wires
Multiplayer mode for team play
NextGen graphics and immediate response

Our solution

As with any game dev project, VR games require two major things: quality
hardware and grasping narrative. The UST team took on a mighty quest of creating
a series of VR games from scratch
and presenting it as an entertaining by-time.

The team strived for the most realistic experience. That’s why we gathered the best
practices from the VR world, including technologies used in Avatar and Call of Duty:
Modern Warfare production.
We concentrated on bringing the gameplay as close to
real life as modern technology allows us to.

From zero to hero

It was a massive game dev project made from scratch. Our team researched the hardware, developed the game mechanics, and worked on game design and narrative. From initial brainstorming to the final product, we carried out the full-cycle production.

Free movement

Our players need no wires — thanks to the OptiTrack full body tracking system with positional errors of less than +/-0.10mm and rotational errors of less than 0.5 degrees. The same setup was used in the production of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and now in our VR games. Players can move freely around the arena and fully immerse in the gameplay.

Powerful tech

To provide next-gen realistic graphics, we worked on our hardware selection. The set consists of MSI VR Ready laptops on the back of each player, Oculus Rift helmets, OptiTrack motion capture units, and Striker VR rifles with real recoil calibrated just enough to give players realistic goosebumps.

Multiplayer mode

Our games are created for 2–4 players who help each other throughout the gameplay. To share the gaming experience and build up a strategy against monsters, we developed a VR multiplayer mode where players interact in VR just the same way as they do in real life.

Engaging narrative

A game is just mechanics without a compelling story to wrap them into. We designed the levels and locations, created puzzles and quests, and wrote comprehensive game design documentation for 8 different shooters.
The first game we created was The Mystical Pyramid. A shooter quest has
it all: riddles, monsters, traps, and, of course, teamwork. Later on, we added 7
more games to the project, all developed, designed, and released by our team.


We created 8 unique high-quality engaging VR games and combined powerful hardware with
impeccable development expertise and fine game dev solutions. Our team brought the latest
technologies probed by VR industry leaders and built the game experience around them.

VRoomGames quickly became a popular option for birthdays,
parties, celebrations, and passing time with friends and family.
The project is up and running, with new quests adding up.