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Get the best of two worlds with UST blockchain services:
combine blockchain security power with your everyday
business operations to excel in the market.
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Every industry can benefit from highly trusted cost-effective processes. UST consultants are ready to help you integrate blockchain technologies into your operational work to reach peak efficiency on an everyday basis.
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Benefits of blockchain technology
in business

Blockchain leaves little to no place for fraud. Enter the new business era where trust
is tech-based — our experts are here to assist your transaction into the blockchain realm.


Blockchain records are encrypted end-to-end and can’t be altered, meaning your data is safe from unauthorized activity or hackers. The distributed storage model strengthens data security, as anyone would need to gain access to a network of computers rather than one server.


All transactions made with blockchain are identically recorded in multiple locations instead of separate databases. They also bear a time and date stamp, making it easier for the authorized members to overview the history of each unit.


Blockchain allows documenting the provenance of every asset at every stage: from creation to distribution. In some cases, it helps provide immediate proof of origin to the customer or find weak spots in the supply chain.


Verification and confirmation of actions take significantly less time with blockchain compared to classic paper-based processes. It also eliminates the human error factor. All documents are stored next to transaction details and contain all the data required to proceed.


Using “smart contacts”, one can speed up the process even more. Smart contracts set pre-specified conditions, and once they’re met, the process automatically moves on. It allows the minimization of human factors and dependence on third-party verification.


As processes get automated, they require less attention and time to proceed. It results in cost savings from increased speed and improved efficiency.

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